Firouze Faam

About Us

FirouzeFam Pars Engineering Paint and Coating Company is an industrial-research organization that operates in the field of production, implementation, engineering and consulting of various paint, coating and flooring systems. Due to the urgent need of all kinds of industries to improve the quality of the work environment and increase the longevity and efficiency, the specialists of this collection are doing their best by taking advantage of the business in the field of services and specialized services and familiarizing themselves with the quality and technical requirements. They are used in order to have a high quality level of products and services. FirouzeFam's competent team has constantly improved its services by evaluating and examining raw materials and new technology and strives to steadily improve continuous services by using modern knowledge and technologies, actively responding to the needs of customers and generating revenue. Committed to quality and innovation, as well as conducting research and development, deserve the trust of respected employers.

  • Our mission

    Design, production, supply and implementation of all kinds of paint, coating and flooring systems with premium quality, reasonable price and timely fulfillment of obligations are among the duties of Firuzeh Fam Pars team.

  • Our vision

    This company enthusiastically welcomes any new product, new method and new technology to solve problems in industries. Diversity in the range of products as well as the use of up-to-date implementation methods and environmental protection are issues that Firuzeh Pham team always thinks about.

  • Our commitments

    Our commitment to the employers is to improve the quality of the products while keeping the prices within the expected range of the respected employers. Honesty, precision, order and speed of action, creativity and innovation are among the values considered by Firuzeh Fam Pars collection.

  • نرسی طوفانیان - Nersi Toofanian

    Nersi Toofanian

    CEO and Member of the Directing Board

  • حمیدرضا هادی زاده - Hamidreza Hadizadeh

    Hamidreza Hadizadeh

    Technical Manager and Head of Directing Board

  • نیلوفر گرشاسبی - Niloofar Garshasbi

    Niloofar Garshasbi

    Sales Manager & Vice Chairman of the Directing Board

  • مریم دولت آبادی - Maryam Dolatabadi

    Maryam Dolatabadi

    Sales Expert

  • مینا جعفری - Mina Jafari

    Mina Jafari

    Quality control and supply chain monitoring department

  • زهرا نیاکان - Zahra Niakan

    Zahra Niakan

    Art Designer

  • تیم ما - گربه - our team -cat

    Firouz The Cat

    Supervision Manager

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