Firouze Faam

paint and coating industries

Producing, application, designing and consulting of Microcement coating, other decorative coatings, floorings, industrial and construction paints

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Firouzeh team is proud to have gained valuable experience in the implementation of various projects during its years of activity. Firouze's commitment to providing quality solutions in harmony with customer needs has led to the creation of customers' trust and a deep relationship with them. We are proud to announce that until today 584 projects have been carried out by the Firuzeh team.

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تیم فیروزه

About Us

Firouze is a company that makes, advises on, and applies various coatings, flooring, and industrial paints. They use their knowledge and experience to help customers find the best solutions for their needs, ensuring satisfaction and high-quality results.

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Our aim is to assist you with project consulting and selecting the right products; don't hesitate to contact us for help.

Our distinctive service

Firouze always tries to provide customers with the best solution for choosing a suitable cover by using their knowledge and experience.

  • Texture design, pattern and color

    Firouze's art team proposes, designs, models, formulates and implements the texture, pattern and color of the decorative coating based on the design features and space of each project

  • Expert and committed executive team

    Firouzeh project implementation department, having the largest expert and experienced executive team in the country, is trying to complete the projects with the best artistic quality in the fastest schedule

  • Presence in global markets

    In addition to being present in the Iranian market as the first producer of decorative microcement coating, Firouzeh is proud to be the first and only exporter of Iranian quality products to many countries, always maintaining and improving the quality of its goods and services at the level of international standards

  • Technical research and development

    The research and development team of Firouze continuously monitors the quality of its products and improves it based on the market needs and the advancement of the science of the world's coating industry

  • Stable relationships with customers

    Firouzeh builds its relationships with customers on the basis of respect, trust and long-term cooperation. This collection is a commercial, technical, scientific and executive partner of construction, design and architecture collections and is proud to continue these collaborations

  • Free consultation

    Due to their specialized knowledge, laboratory and research experience, and executive experience, the technical experts of Firouze are ready to provide free expert advice to choose the appropriate coating for each project