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  • Can microcement be used on wet surfaces?

    No. The humidity of the foundation should be below 10% for plaster and adhesive tiles and below 18% for cement and mortar tiles.

  • How thick is microcement?

    The standard thickness of microcement on different surfaces varies between 1 and 3 mm.

  • Is microcement applicable in the parking space?

    Due to the flexibility of microcement, it is not recommended to use it on the parking floor.

  • Why does the size of the project affect the price of microcement?

    Due to the layer-by-layer implementation system of microcement and the time required for each layer to dry, the number of people and executive teams will be different for each square meter. Therefore, in projects with a large difference in square meters, the execution costs will be reduced and the price will be lower.

  • Microcement is not suitable for which spaces?

    Microcement is not suitable for all spaces that have the possibility of negative pressure moisture penetration, as well as on loose and weak surfaces.

  • Can the implementation time of microcement be shortened?

    If microcement is implemented in 2 working shifts and using suitable heating or ventilation devices, the implementation time will be shorter.

  • What are the characteristics of micrometal?

    Among the features of micrometal, it can be mentioned that it is seamless and seamless, can be used on any sub-surface, long durability, easy washing, etc.

  • Micrometal is not applicable for which spaces?

    Micrometal cannot be used for the floor, pool bowl area.

  • How thick is micrometal?

    If the surface does not require the implementation of microcement foundation, the thickness of micrometal itself is about 300 microns.

  • Is Terrazzo covering waterproof and washable?

    Yes, by applying polyurethane varnish, it becomes completely waterproof and washable.

  • Terrazzo is not applicable for which spaces?

    Terrazzo coating is not suitable for loose and weak surfaces, as well as for all spaces that have the possibility of negative pressure moisture penetration.

  • What is the lifespan of Terrazzo?

    The lifespan of Terrazzo coating depends on the quality of maintenance and use. If you follow the washing and maintenance instructions, it can last for years, just like other floorings such as parquet.

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