Carpiton or stone carpet is a distinctive and innovative flooring that is made from the combination of round or pointed pebbles, marble pebbles or quartzite grains with resin and therefore has various colors. The aggregates of this flooring are connected to each other by a strong and resistant resin and create a unified and textured surface. Due to its modern and beautiful appearance and high permeability, the use of carpeton is ideal as a floor covering for balconies, terraces, flat roofs, paths, patios, around the pool, etc. in residential and commercial spaces. Carpiton creates an incredibly durable, slip-resistant and naturally beautiful floor that adds feel, texture and color to an environment. Also, this cover is designed in such a way that a person feels good while walking on it. One of the key advantages of Carpiton is its high durability and can withstand the rigors of daily use, making it especially suitable for high traffic areas. In addition, the choice of stones can be in a variety of colors and shapes, which facilitates the possibility of customization and implementation of the designer's taste. Carpiton is also compatible with floor heating systems and it is possible to install it on these systems. Carpiton is easy to maintain and makes it more attractive to use. Occasional sweeping and cleaning with a mild detergent will maintain its beauty and durability.

  • Applying with thickness of 12mm - 20mm
  • Easy to wash

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