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Polyurethane Flooring and Coating

Polyurethane flooring is a type of two-component flooring with a high solid percentage. This product is produced from the reaction of two components, polyol and isocyanate, without solvents, which form a completely integrated and seamless flooring. Among the properties of this product, we can mention excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, mosaic, metal, etc. surfaces. Polyurethane flooring has excellent properties such as considerable hardness, antibacterial properties, excellent chemical resistance, excellent abrasion and impact resistance. This coating is applied completely integrated and seamless, and consists of several layers with a final thickness of 1-4 mm.

High mechanical resistance to wear, scratch and impact is one of the characteristics of this flooring. In addition, due to its high elasticity and elasticity properties, when changing the physical form of the underlying layers, polyurethane flooring maintains its shape and neutralizes the stresses on the surface and does not crack or tear, which makes them suitable for applications such as sports halls, which is why they are preferable to epoxy floors.

Polyurethane floors are more resistant to scratches than epoxy floors. These floors can be used for all surfaces that are subject to extreme temperature changes. Also, unlike epoxy floors, these floorings have better resistance and stability against the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, which can be used outside the environment, for example, in areas and places that are exposed to rays and sunlight, without noticing the loss of properties and changes. This feature of UV resistance of polyurethane flooring can be used as a transparent anti-scratch varnish on all types of epoxy flooring in open areas.

The properties of full-solid polyurethanes vary from very soft elastomers and rubber in sports applications to hard systems such as ceramics for parking applications. In harder systems, the chemical bonds bond seamlessly together to form hard, dense systems that have excellent chemical resistance.

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