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Terrazzo is a type of flooring that has been used for centuries with different materials and the look is still popular today. It is made up of small pieces of marble, granite, quartz, glass and other materials that are embedded in a cement or resin binder, which is polished. The result is a beautiful and durable flooring material that can last for decades.

The history of terrazzo flooring dates back to the 15th century, when it was first used in Italy. At the time, it was made with marble chips that were hand-mixed with a cement binder as a Terrazzo matrix. The chips were then arranged in intricate patterns and polished to create a smooth, glossy finish. The process was labor-intensive and expensive, but the results were worth it.

Since then, terrazzo has been used in many different applications, from commercial buildings to private homes. It is a popular choice for flooring because it is durable, easy to maintain, and can be customized to fit any design aesthetic.

The main components of terrazzo flooring are the chips and the matrix. The chips can be made of stone, glass, wood or other materials, depending on the desired look. The matrix is usually a resin mixture, which helps to hold the chips in place, can be polished and create a strong, durable surface. The installation process for terrazzo flooring is relatively straightforward. First, the chips are mixed with the matrix and then spread out on the floor. The mixture is then leveled and smoothed out with a special notch trowel. After the mixture has been leveled, it is allowed to dry and cure. Once the floor has cured, it is then polished to create a glossy finish.


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