Decorative Coating

In addition to having a lot of variety in their designs, decorative coatings are designed depending on the space of the desired project, the client's taste and needs, as well as the light and color conditions of the space. The coating specific to each project is designed and implemented based on the needs of Micrometal, Stucco, Terrazzo, Iron oxide, Copper sulfate, Rock material, and Microcement stencils. The variety of applicable designs allows decorative project owners to create unique and beautiful designs.

  • 1

    Taj Watch Store (2023)

    Client: Engineer Taj

    Location: Panzdah-e-Khordad St

    Architect: Engineer Moheb Ali and Engineer Rahim Of

    Description: Micrometal box

  • 2

    Aisa Mobl (2023)

    Client: Mr. Arzanlou

    Location: Jajrood

    Architect: Engineer Elnaz Goneyloo

    Description: Store facade and micrometal roof facade

  • 3

    Law Office (2023)

    Client: Mr. Nowrozi

    Location: Somayyeh St

    Architect: Engineer Farzad Farahani

    Description: The floor and wall of the yard, the floor and wall of the bathroom, the roof and facade, the parapet and the roof of the terrace Viento for door

  • 4

    Elect Studio (2023)

    Client: Engineer Mah Nia

    Location: Behsazi Town

    Description: Micrometal for table

  • 5

    A3 Exposed Concrete Co (2023)

    Client: Engineer Mansouri

    Location: Niavaran

    Description: Terrace wall and interior floor Iron oxide for wall

  • 6

    Beauty Clinic (2023)

    Client: Engineer Salami

    Location: Andarzgoo

    Description: Stencil for wall

  • 7

    Gufo Restaurant (2023)

    Client: Engineer Kasiri

    Location: Opal Shopping Center

    Description: Walls Micrometal

  • 8

    Store (2023)

    Client: Engineer Ebrahimi

    Location: Atlas Mall

    Description: Bathroom wall

  • 9

    Erfan Salamat Sanjesh Co (2023)

    Client: Erfan Salamat Sanjesh Co

    Location: Zaferanieh

    Architect: Engineer Sheykholeslami

    Description: Wall Stencil for wall

  • 10

    Office (2023)

    Client: Engineer Ebrahimi

    Location: Atlas Mall

    Description: Floor and bathroom, interior wall and ceiling Bathroom wall

  • 11

    Store (2023)

    Client: Engineer Pour Hosein

    Location: -

    Description: Brass micrometal

  • 12

    Store (2023)

    Client: Engineer Lameii

    Location: Lalehzar

    Description: Wall iron oxide

  • 13

    HBSweets store (2023)

    Client: Engineer Tehrani

    Location: Palladium

    Description: Stucco

  • 14

    Store (2023)

    Client: Engineer Tavakoli Rad

    Location: Dibaji St

    Description: Wall copper micrometal and Stucco

  • 15

    Store (2023)

    Client: Engineer Solgi

    Location: Shamsabad Industrial City

    Description: Micrometal counter

  • 16

    Store (2023)

    Client: Ando Office

    Location: Bandar Anzali

    Description: Micrometal counter

  • 17

    Piano Store (2022)

    Client: Engineer Babaki

    Location: Larestan Street

    Description: Copper micrometal flooring

  • 18

    Residential house (2022)

    Client: Engineer Karimi

    Location: Lavasan

    Description: Micrometal exterior floor and staircase

  • 19

    Residential house (2022)

    Client: -

    Location: Asef Street

    Architect: Engineer Melika Harooni

    Description: Lucent micrometal wall

  • 20

    Store (2022)

    Client: Engineer Khorshidi

    Location: Kaj Square

    Description: Terrazzo flooring

  • 21

    Royan Daroo Company Headquarter (2021)

    Client: Royan Daroo Company

    Location: Villa St

    Architect: Engineer Anvari

    Description: Roof garden floor Terrazzo for sink

  • 22

    Residential house (2021)

    Client: Engineer Hemet Azad

    Location: Niavaran

    Architect: Engineer Mohammadreza Moheb Ali

    Description: Micrometal bathroom floor and wall

  • 23

    Coaching waze (1402)

    Client: -

    Location: Andarzgoo

    Description: Internal wall stencil

  • 24

    Residential villa

    Client: Engineer Shahsavan

    Location: Mosha

    Architect: Engineer Yazdani

    Description: Facade, ceiling, wall of bathroom and pool Micrometal for bathroom wall

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